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In the modern era, the need for conventions like printers, envelopes, and postage stamps has diminished to the point where they’re no longer necessary for the tax return process. If technology can be something that makes filing your taxes easier, what reason is there to avoid it?

In order to better accommodate our clients, O’Dell & Company has added SafeSend Returns™ technology to our list of services for individuals and businesses. With this innovative tech, you can oversee the delivery, review, and signature portions of both your state and federal tax returns, all from a computer or smart device, like your iPhone or tablet.

Automated Document Delivery

State Tax Return

Federal Tax Returns

e-Signature Technology

Clients who choose to utilize SafeSend Returns™ technology will be able to:

  • Provide e-signatures, save, and print all of their tax documents for safekeeping
  • Retain a live link to their tax documentation for three years
  • Access payment vouchers and receive email reminders of payments electronically
  • Forward tax documentation to banks and other advisors safely and securely

How the SafeSend Process Works

When our clients choose to use SafeSend Returns™ to file their state and federal taxes from their computer or smart device, a straightforward four-step process begins. This includes:

  1. SafeSend will email you with a completely unique and secure access link when tax documents are ready for your review. O’Dell & Company’s name will be included in this email.
  2. Upon clicking the provided link, an identity verification process must be completed to ensure your validity and assure proper security.
  3. Once your identification has been verified, a SafeSend representative will take you through the review and electronic signature process with easy, step-by-step instructions.
  4. After reviewing all of your files, you’ll be able to download and save all of your tax files for safekeeping.

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Filing Jointly?

If you and your spouse are planning on filing jointly, you can still make use of SafeSend Returns. The process will be essentially the same, but with a few additional steps, including a process for validating the identity of both spouses. Once this is complete, the process continues in the same manner as filing individually.

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