Business Tax Planning in Fort Collin, CO

Business decisions can end in unanticipated tax implications. Before making any costly mistakes, sit down with our team here at O’Dell & Company and see how we can help you save more money and increase your overall bottomline. When you use our experienced Fort Collins tax planning team for guidance, you gain access to our experienced team of business tax planners who can provide advice on what choices make in order for your business tax planning to be a success. Our business tax planning team will help you in tax regulations and coordinating tax planning techniques that will drastically minimize tax liabilities. The giant puzzle of tax laws change regularly so we’re always furhtering our education what tax revisions have been made during the recent months that could affect our small and medium sized business clients; then we take proactive measures to develop strategies that will minimize the impact on your profits.

If you’re starting a new business, we can determine which business structure will bring the highest tax savings now and down the road. We also provide income tax planning for individual business owners and taxpayers and will find ways to reduce your income taxes so you can keep more of what you earn.

We offer a variety of tax planning services to both businesses and individuals. Don’t let your business tax planning get handled by the wrong team. Let our 30 year veteran team help your business today.

Our Fort Collins Tax Planning for Businesses Includes:

  • Proactive tax planning for small businesses
  • Alternative minimum tax planning
  • Strategic tax consulting
  • Multi-state tax issues
  • Non-profit tax planning