International Tax Accounting & Planning

Our International Tax Accounting & Planning Services

International Tax Consulting and Compliance

O’Dell & Company has a 15-year history in international tax analysis and planning that serves businesses and individuals.  Our team at O’Dell & Company can develop and implement forward-thinking and business-oriented tax planning strategies.

O’Dell & Company’s team works with clients in countries around the globe providing support and tax advice to companies and individuals on a wide range of projects such as:

  • Advising on the tax aspects of conducting international business
  • Preparing U.S. tax returns for foreign companies doing business in the U.S. and non-resident alien individuals with U.S. filing requirements
  • Supporting employees on inpatriate and expatriate assignments with tax preparation and consulting assistance
  • Serving as a company’s temporary or outsourced tax department

Specialized International Tax Advisory Consulting

  • International Tax Compliance
    • Preparation of U.S. tax filings related to foreign  companies doing business in the U.S. and non-resident individuals with U.S. filing requirements
    • U.S. tax compliance
    • Information reporting services
    • Treaty-based return positions
    • Advice on Offshore Voluntary Disclosure
  • International Tax Consulting
    • Classification of taxpayers, choice of entity, and “check-the-box” planning
    • Cross-border tax strategies and planning
    • U.S. tax of business and non-business income of foreign persons
    • Anti-deferral regimes – CFC, PFIC (compliance reporting and Subpart F income)
    • Foreign earned income exclusion
    • Foreign tax credit
    • U.S. expatriate taxation

15 Years of International Tax Consulting Gives You

  • Specialist reviews of your business transactions to minimize risks of unexpected taxes or penalties
  • Seamless delivery of our international tax services, enabling you to accomplish your goals virtually anywhere
  • Ability to outsource your tax department compliance function to those most familiar with business tax compliance, simplifying tax management, reducing costs, and eliminating the burden of searching for qualified staff

International Tax Accountants Serving Denver & Fort Collins

International taxation is an increasingly complex and difficult area. Our expertise in select international tax topics can help you tackle many of the complex and intricate tax return issues that arise in this area. Whether you have an inbound or an outbound tax situation, we can help. Our team works with many companies doing business globally from around the Fort Collins and Denver areas as well as other cities throughout Colorado and the USA. Our technology-savvy firm utilizes is happy to schedule communications via phone or video meetings  — whatever is most convenient for you.

Are you not quite sure what the international tax laws are? Do you need guidance through the web of international tax laws and what they mean? Our team can walk you through each step and help you to achieve compliance and save money where possible.  Learn more about our Fort Collins CPA services.